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Madison to Chicago Relay

Hey thanks for checking out this post!  I’m looking to assemble a team to run the Ragnar Chicago Relay.  I’m reaching out to my friends and family in the Chicago area.  And my friends in the Madison area.  Or heck – anyone who would want to come be part of a great fun team.  Even if you aren’t my family or friend but you’re an adventure-minded person, or you know someone who might be – please put them in touch with me!  I’m stepping a bit out of my comfort zone reaching out to former acquaintances and perhaps some strangers — but that just means you peeps aren’t my friends YET.  Time to change that.  🙂

Interested? Contact me: 303-819-1957 or johnny88keys@gmail.com

If you have a speck of curiosity tugging in the back of your mind, read on for some details…

What’s A Relay?  In a nutshell, a relay is a long-distance overnight adventure running race.  The course is 196 miles long and gets split into 36 legs.  Twelve runners on the team = 3 legs per runner, and each leg is roughly 4-6 miles, some longer, some shorter.  You’ll run one leg, then about 8 hours later you’ll run your second leg, and 8 hours after that you’ll run your third leg.  Usually takes 24-30 hours to complete, so one of your legs is in the middle of the night.  Fully supported, great teammates, crazy stories, personal achievement, and one helluva after party.

When is it?  Ragnar Chicago is June 7-8, 2013.

Where is it?  We start in Madison, WI and run east toward Milwaukee.  Then the course turns south and runs along Lake Michigan into Chicago, finishing at Lincoln Park.  See the course map here.

Why Are You Doing This Johnny?  I’ve participated in 6 relays in Colorado and for the past 4 years I’ve captained a team.  Not a competitive team – I’m not a fast runner myself and there are no expectations around speed.  We’re out there to have fun, try our best, and do something exceptional with other people.  Relays are something that initially look puzzling, a real head-scratcher, but in my experience they are a total blast!!

What Do I Need To Do?  Not too much right now.  There’s no need to commit yet – at this stage I’m trying to gauge the level of interest.  If enough people seem interested, I’ll follow up and start getting real commitments in mid/late October.  Since I’ve captained relay teams in the past I’ve got the logistics figured out, so all you need to do is commit to training and I’ll take care of the details.  If you can train to run a 10k, then you are in great shape to train for this kind of relay!

If you’re interested you can contact me: 303-819-1957 or johnny88keys@gmail.com

I hope to hear from you!  I think the 2013 Ragnar Chicago will be a great event!


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